The effects of abuse are pervasive; you may be struggling with your health, relationships, finances, and/or career. Abuse penetrates every aspect of your life – no part escapes.

I know you’re resourceful, well educated, and have read a lot of self-help books. You may feel like you’ve tried everything, yet nothing has worked. Until now.

I’ve walked this path myself and I’ve supported thousands of women in overcoming their childhood sexual abuse to go on to create meaningful, joyful and successful lives.

I’m reaching out my hand to you now. I am your ally in healing. Together, we’re going to keep making your life better and better.

What would your life be like if you freed yourself from the cage of abuse?

You don’t need to keep struggling. Remember: the key to this cage is inside of you. I can help you discover it.

My site is filled with resources to support you in moving beyond your abuse and into a limitless, joyful life. Please watch the video above for guidance on where to start.

Let’s do this together,

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Dr. Lisa also Teaches classes and trainings in Access Consciousness®, Theta Healing, and other modalities? You can also get recorded audio and video classes and book Thermometry sessions.