Kick Abuse in the Caboose and Live Your ROAR (Radically Orgasmically Alive Reality)!

The abuse went on for years. My therapist said that the best I could hope for was a “functional” life. EXCUSE ME?!  When I was diagnosed with an incurable disease, the doctor said that the best I could hope for was a lifetime on medication. I DON’T THINK SO!

Lisa blue shawl laughingI knew there was a better, healthier, more alive, and joyous way to live in this body…

…and I found it!

I’m Dr. Lisa Cooney, and I found a way to release the trauma, drama, and dis-ease from my body, mind, and experience and embrace my ROAR!

And I can show you how to kick the effects of abuse, whether it’s psychological or physical,  to the curb so you too can live a Radically Orgasmically Alive Reality BEYOND what you’ve ever imagined possible.

Ask yourself these 4 questions:

  • When was the last time you felt REALLY FREE from the self-judgements, recriminations, and limitations of your past?
  • How long has it been since you’ve felt JOY well up from within you and spill over into uncontrollable laughter?
  • Are you physically and mentally exhausted from the burden of your past?
  • Have you tried and read everything about how to be happy, free, and healthy in your body and mind but nothing has taken you into the JOY-FILLED LIFE YOU KNOW YOU COULD BE LIVING?

If you’re exhausted from the burden of your past and ready to BREAK-FREE from your cage of abuse and limitation and live BEYOND what you thought was once possible, then I encourage you to become part of the Beyond Abuse Movement, sign-up for my weekly newsletter, and get ready to unleash your ROAR.

Be You. Beyond Anything. Create Magic

Dr. Lisa Cooney

Did You Know...

Dr. Lisa also Teaches classes and trainings in Access Consciousness®, Theta Healing, and other modalities? You can also get recorded audio and video classes and book Thermometry sessions.