Lies of Money

The Lies of Money

I remember the first time I saw my bank account literally at zero,  that’s $0.00…yes it’s true and as I stared at my computer screen frozen in fear, I started to panic. I went to hyper-vigilant supercharged-planning to get myself out …
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Break Free From The Cage of Abuse

Breaking Free From The Cage Of Abuse

Would you like to break free from the cage of abuse yet you feel stuck, wondering why anyone, yourself, would choose to live inside the cage of abuse? Over time, living inside the cage of abuse becomes familiar. The feelings of worthlessness, …
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Is Money Your Jailer? Lies of Money

Is Money Your Jailer?

If you’ve ever experienced abuse (physical, sexual, emotional, physical, mental), most likely you view money like you view life: as a perpetrator. (You can read more about viewing life through abuse-colored glasses in my article here.) The effects of abuse are …
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Forgiveness: It’s For You, Not For Them

If you’ve ever been abused, you may be very familiar with anger, blame and resentment. When we’ve experienced abuse… We’re filled with anger and rage at our abuser(s) for what they did. They violated us in one way or another and anger is a …
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Three Myths About Abuse

3 Myths About Abuse

There are a number of myths you may have bought into about abuse. These myths serve one purpose: they hold you back from moving beyond abuse. Is it time to see these myths for what they are so you move beyond abuse once …
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Is Your View Skewed (The Impact Of Abuse)

Is Your View Skewed? (The Impact Of Abuse)

The Impact of Abuse Have you ever felt violated when a loved one simply peeks their head into your office to ask a question? Or perhaps you perceive your mortgage, credit card debt and IRS payments as perpetrators, always pressuring …
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Are You Living On Autopilot

Are You Living On Autopilot?

Have you seen the movie Groundhog Day? In this movie, the main character (played by Bill Murray) gets caught in a time loop and repeats the same day over and over again. At first he indulges in many hedonistic acts. …
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PAIN Embodying Abuse

PAIN: Embodying Abuse

Janet came to me complaining of chronic pain that she’d been dealing with for much of her life. She had tried everything from medications to alternative forms of healing like bodywork, herbs and diet. While she experienced short-term relief with …
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The Shadow Side Of Receiving

The Shadow Side Of Receiving

As I shared in The Invisible Cage of Abuse, when we are abused, our resourceful younger selves used coping strategies to try to protect ourselves from the pain. These coping strategies served us at the time. The problem is we continue to use these …
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Why Would You Make Friends With The Cage Of Abuse

Why Would You Make Friends With The Cage Of Abuse?

Life inside the cage of abuse becomes familiar. The feelings of worthlessness, the repeated patterns of “not enough” or “less than” in all areas of your life: health, relationship and wealth. So, when you begin the journey of moving beyond abuse, and …
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