Use of this website:

Dr Lisa Cooney and the Beyond Abuse Movement LLC is endeavoring to create a difference in the world of trauma and abuse recovery. By using this website, you acknowledge that the ultimate choice and responsibility over your recovery, are yours. Any tools that you implement from this website or any classes or shows that you attend with Dr. Lisa Cooney or listen to via any platform, you agree that you do so of your own free will.  In using this website and availing yourself of these powerful tools for recovery, you agree and accept full responsibility for the changes that will likely occur in all areas of your life. You agree that you are fully aware that your life and circumstances may change as a result of the use of these tools and consultation and classes with Dr. Lisa Cooney. You accept full responsibility for your own physical, emotional, spiritual and financial health and circumstances. You agree that you will not hold Dr. Lisa Cooney responsible, neither in contract nor in tort, for any changes or unforeseen consequences of your work with her, for all time.

You further agree that you are aware that Dr. Lisa Cooney will not accept responsibility, either in contract or in tort, for any emotional, physical, spiritual, financial or personal upset or injury that may occur as a result of private or group consultations, classes, workshops, radio shows or the use of this website and the tools contained herein.

Audio and Visual Release:

By attending a class or participating in a radio show, either in person or by any other means, you agree that you are aware and give your full consent that the class may be recorded and filmed using a variety of media equipment and platforms. You also agree that you are aware and give full consent to the following:

  • Lisa Cooney and the Beyond Abuse Movement LLC may use the recordings of classes and radio shows, using any media platform, in any way they see fit including, but not limited to, licensing the recordings for use by third parties.
  • You understand that you are not entitled to, nor will you ever receive, any payment resulting from any use of these recordings in any media platform whatsoever, for all time.
  • You waive any legal right to prevent the use any recording on any media platform, or by any third party. You further waive the right of control over any aspect of the dissemination of such recordings.
  • You agree that if you choose not to agree with the terms of this waiver, that you must inform the staff before the event occurs. You agree that it is your responsibility to do so. You agree that failure to inform the staff of Beyond Abuse Movement that you do not agree with this waiver indicates your agreement and compliance with the terms of this waiver.

Refund Policy

We understand that some people will not wish to avail themselves of the products, tools and classes available on this website and we respect the rights of everyone who uses this website and attends Dr. Lisa Cooney’s classes. We have created a huge library of resources, which are available for everyone who wishes to use them. Please be sure to look at everything that is available prior to purchase.  You agree that by using this website and by making purchases, you agree to and will abide by the refund policy set out below.

  • Refunds must be requested in writing.
  • Please allow 7 days for refunds to be issued.
  • Any refunds may be subject to a 10%, non-refundable fee.
  • For a tele-call, a refund must be requested within 24 hours of the end of the first call.
  • For instant download products, there will be no refund.
  • For live classes, you must request a refund before or during the lunch break of the first day. If you do choose to leave a live class, this may result in you being denied access to future Dr. Lisa Cooney classes, tele-calls and other events.

Please make use of the resources available in order to decide whether Dr Lisa Cooney and the Beyond Abuse Movement LLC will work for you. If these tools do not suit you, please do not avail yourself of these classes and products, but accept out thanks for your interest and our best wishes for your continued journey.  “My target is to make sure that every person in the world knows that Access Consciousness tools exist, if that is through Beyond Abuse Movement I am thrilled.  I have no desire to force or push people to choose something different.  This is your choice.  So what are you choosing today?”