Radically Alive & Beyond VIP Days

Are you asking to unlock yourself from the invisible cage of any of the following?

  • Health:

Chronic conditions, physical ailments, diseases, current or past abuses (physical, sexual, mental, emotional, financial)

  • Relationship:

Struggling with dissatisfying, conflictual relationships; feeling isolated and alone; filled with self-hatred and self-judgment

  • Money/Career:

In debt, struggling to get by; stuck in a job or business you hate; trapped beneath a glass ceiling of success you can’t move beyond

Even though you are dealing with certain symptoms in the areas of your health, relationship, money and career, these symptoms are actually related to what hasn’t been dealt with from your past.

You may have chipped away at these issues for awhile yet haven’t experienced the kind of change you’re seeking.

Together we will discover the origins of what caused these issues so you can stop repeating these patterns once and for all and go beyond this to live a life of radical aliveness.

I’ll help your body unwind all of this so you’ll experience relief from your symptoms and tap into greater lightness, energy and aliveness.

After working with thousands of clients over the past 20 years, I know the change that can take place in a short period of time. While all of your underlying issues won’t necessarily be addressed in these 2 days, we’ll create quantum change for you.

Together, we will open the doorway to a future filled with limitless possibilities.

The 2 full VIP days are customized to empower you to have the transformation you desire.


  • Verbal Processes
  • Body Processes
  • Access Bars
  • And other tools and modalities as needed


  • 10am – 1pm
  • Lunch (Provided)
  • 3pm – 6pm

(Note: We will follow the energy of the body all throughout the day, using the schedule as a general guideline.)


  • Pre-VIP Target Setting Call: (60 minutes) In this call we will determine your biggest priorities for our time together to ensure optimal results.
  • Integrative Healing Massage: provided in your hotel room on the evening of Day 1 by 1-2 licensed therapists.
  • Post-VIP Integration Call: (60 minutes) In this call you will have a chance to share your reflections and follow up questions to ensure full integration of your experience in the 2 VIP Days.
  • Audio Recordings of all clearing statements used during the 2 days together 

Plus add th 1/2 day with a focus on your body

Do you feel separate from your body?

Do you struggle with acute or chronic pain?

Have you forgotten what it’s like to feel safe in your body, let alone feel pleasure?

If you’ve experienced any kind of childhood abuse (sexual, physical, emotional, mental) your body can feel like a cage: a trap that keeps you locked into a tightrigid form that’s painful.

Disease and discomfort flourish here.

However, I am here to let you know there is a way out of this cage, out of disease and discomfort and into radical aliveness.

In the VIP ½ Day we will start to clear away the damage of the trauma so you can move beyond abuse and into communion with your body.

Using Access Consciousness tools, such as the Abuse Hold and other body & verbal processes, we will:

  • Dissolve your armor
  • Clear out the residue of your abuse
  • Increase your ability to receive
  • Re-wire the systems in your body to experience greater ease and health
  • Open the way for you to experience your body as safe
  • Reignite your “orgasmic” body so you feel the pleasure and possibility of your body

Imagine …

  • Being held, seen, touched, and healed very deeply.
  • Experiencing connection, ease, vitality, health, and pleasure.

All while knowing…

  • You’re safe.
  • You can let go.
  • You’re held completely, unconditionally.

The (4 hour) VIP 1/2 Day will be the perfect complement to the work we’ll do together during your 2 Day VIP Package.

I recommend the following flow for optimal results:

  • Day 1: Full Day
  • Day 2: ½ Day followed by Integrative Healing Massage (included in 2 Day VIP Package)
  • Day 3: Full Day 


I’ve been where you are and I can help you move beyond your abuse and into radical aliveness. In this place of communion, you’ll rediscover your body as a playground of possibilities.

Let’s do this, together,