Janet came to me complaining of chronic pain that she’d been dealing with for much of her life. She had tried everything from medications to alternative forms of healing like bodywork, herbs and diet.

While she experienced short-term relief with some of these, none of them ever completely cleared the pain away for good. She felt limited in all areas of her life because of the pain she was in. She couldn’t play with her children the way she wanted to. She wasn’t able to hold down a job. And she wasn’t able to go dancing with her partner anymore.

She was almost devoid of hope when she came to see me. But a part of her knew there must be another possibility other than living in pain for the rest of her life.

Through our work together we uncovered the past abuse she had experienced, that she had been dissociating from since the age of two. The trauma – let alone the anger, grief and shame – had been too much for her to face at age two. So all of that got buried in her body. It didn’t go away. It stayed there until she was able to face it and heal it through her work with me.

We lock into our body the past abuse we’ve experienced, along with all the emotions and judgments we have about it. The pain of the abuse doesn’t just “go away,” – it very often manifests as physical pain, just like what Janet struggled with.

The pain of past (and present) abuse can show up as sickness, chronic illness, autoimmune disease, physical pain and chronic pain. These are very often symptoms of abuse that hasn’t been healed.

These symptoms are also ways that we keep ourselves “locked” in our own bodies, perpetuating abuse by keeping us in the limitations and judgments of the cage of abuse. We become the storehouse for all this unwanted trauma yet don’t know how to clear it out on our own.

What if there is something else possible beyond the pain?

Imagine if you could unlock your body, unlock yourself from the cage of abuse, and release all of this unnecessary “storage”?

How free would you be?

When you unlock your body as the storehouse of all malevolence, you experience the joy of embodiment, embodiment of the true you, not the abuse. You get to experience pleasure again and the freedom to move, play and dance.

What will it take to unlock your body?

What if pain and sickness is actually your body’s way of informing you of how to get out of the cage of violence and impotence and into radical aliveness?

With pain and illness, you completely eliminate your capacity to create, generate and choose. You lock yourself in the cage of abuse, keeping yourself eternally stuck in the never-ending story of abuse and limitation as your reality.

But there is a way out of the pain, beyond the abuse. You don’t need to continue living in pain, sickness or illness. The good news is, the key to your freedom rests inside of you. When we enter into the past abuse we can clear it: it doesn’t actually need to be painful again.

Many people I’ve worked with are afraid of facing their past abuse, afraid of how hard it will be. I’m here to tell you that the worst part of the abuse is over: facing it and moving beyond it will never be like the horror it was when you experienced it. I promise. I know this journey myself and have walked thousands of people through their abuse and beyond.

Please know you do not have to continue living in a state of pain. If you’d like more support in clearing out the past abuse that’s been locked in your body for too long, check out my radio show where I shared tools and tips for moving beyond abuse: PAIN: The Security of The Cage.

To find out more about dissociating from abuse, visit: The Invisible Cage Of Abuse: Protection Or Jailer? 

Be You. Beyond Anything. Create Magic.

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Photo by Hailey Kean on Unsplash