The weather was hot and the energy was powerful at this year’s California Women’s Conference on May 10th and 11th, 2017. In the coast-side city of Long Beach, California, a handful of the most successful female leaders came together for the 2017 California Women’s Conference sharing everything from tips and advice, to stories and experiences, with fellow ‘Women Together’ advocates. The conference was hosted by the Women Network, the largest global community for women, whose main focus is on uplifting and empowering women as well as inspiring women to succeed in their respective industries. For the two-day event, leaders from every type of industry were present: entertainers, authors, speakers, fitness gurus, business leaders, entrepreneurs, doctors, athletes and innovators. So much good energy was present at the conference, where movers-and-shakers could share their tips, wisdom, and journey, while not only inspiring girls and women to develop the blueprint for their own futures, but also shining light on getting support from the opposite sex too, having had various male speakers present who were very vocal about their support for female empowerment. The journey to success and fulfillment for each woman is different, whether they are mapping out their dream journey or almost to the top of the highest and most majestic mountain. Yet, support is key when it comes to the foundation for success and forward motion.


“This annual 2-day event has changed the lives of more than 1 million women.”
– The Women Network

Dr. Lisa Cooney joined Voice America’s Media Team at this year’s conference, having had the opportunity to interview and connect with various leaders, all of whom radiated energy of confidence and positive light when regarding societal improvements with regards to equality, and female empowerment. Beyond anything, Dr. Lisa was extremely humbled for the experience overall, but especially in getting the opportunity to have an invigorating interview with professional fitness trainer and wellness coach, Shea Vaughn, the founder of SheaNetics®. The ‘Queen of Wellness’, a wildly well-known alias for Ms. Vaughn, found  the transformational wellness method of SheaNetics® based on 5 main principles of wellness, which are as follows: Well-Being,  Commitment, Perseverance, Self-Control, Integrity and Love. You can find the inspiring, knowledge-enhancing and vibrant interviews coordinated

Wonder Woman is the dazzling symbol for fierce females everywhere.
– by Voice America at Voice America Live Events.

Over the past century, the movement for women’s empowerment has transformed into a growing network of empowered female innovators and leaders. It hasn’t been an easy ride by any means, although there have been many struggles there has also been a great deal of achievements, and the light to equality has been paved on today’s path of living. There has been a huge shift in the role that women are playing, not only in business, but in society as a whole as well. As more women are taking the initiative to make their dreams a reality, the future looks support-, love-, and power-filled for the future generations. The UN Women, also known as the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, has developed a plan of action to emphasize respect, rights and education regarding gender equality and women’s empowerment on a global scale. On a cultural level, we are celebrating the strength, energy, and accomplishments of women all over the world, and encouraging them to do greatness, and keep on spreading their empowering energies. A hot topic for gender equality and empowerment is definitely symbolized in this year’s scheduled Wonder Woman movie release. With her unshakable frame and determination, Wonder Woman is a beacon of feminine strength and female empowerment. As a larger than life superhero, young girls everywhere have a positive source of inspiration to be strong and fearless.

At the end of the day, it is the “togetherness” that made the 2017 California Women’s Conference so great. Each of the speakers gave the gift of sharing their wisdom, journey, successes, and roadblocks with aspiring female leaders and innovators. It’s more than just their own successes, but also the successes of the women that they are inspiring. It’s a powerful resource for women to know that there is a group of men and women, who are rooting for each other’s dreams. Isn’t it empowering to know there are thousands of strangers who want to encourage you to make your dreams a reality?