By Guest Blogger Charlinda Byrd

We asked the South African Access Consciousness group what they would like to explore on the show and there was an interesting balance between money, bodies, relationships, healing, trauma, abuse and business. Most people it seemed, required clarity on most of these topics and what became apparent was the chaos from which most people live. Falling between one area, then another, then another – an eternal sway between problem and solution… decisions, conclusions, judgment and control.

Explore Possibility: Conduct Your Own Life

I wondered what else was possible? What would our lives be like if we moved beyond the pendulum of this reality and created our lives from ‘perceived’ chaos? What if chaos isn’t what we have defined it to be? Someone asked me what I perceive chaos to be and I likened it to a ‘pause’ similar to the ‘pause’ I imagine a symphony conductor has just before he unleashes his creation into the world.

Can you imagine that for a moment? Imagine being the conductor of your life. Imagine being clear on what you would like your life to be like (knowing what you desire, what your targets and priorities are) … and as you slowly lift the baton – indicating an impending start – you gather every note, every energy, every movement, every instrument, every orchestra member and every molecule you require to bring to fruition your ‘life’ … and just before you flick your baton, you pause… breathe… expand… breathe… and let go.

In that ‘pause’ everything you require to have your desired life is available to you – the chaos of creation gathers, ready for you to un-pause and play.


And what if the moment you unleash your creation – YOU – into the world, you allow the notes to land where they do, knowing that every molecule conspires to give you a life far greater than what you could ever imagine possible? What if it isn’t your job to control the outcome? What truly becomes possible if you were to only create what you would like from one pause… breath… and release to another and wonder about the infinite possibilities of how your life could show up?


Listen as Dr. Lisa further explores Chaos and Creation: