The Art of Living with Horses

By Guest Blogger Amy Cristol Hirsch Horses are simply unlike anything else on the planet for me with their continuous contribution to my body, family, health, creative capacities, and happiness. They are in my blood. They beckon to me, whisper …
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Do you want to have more money?

By Guest Blogger Katherine McIntosh Do you want more freedom? Can money really buy you more freedom? I guess the above question depends on your perspective. Money can change more people’s realities. The more money you have, the more change …
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When does Criticism become Abuse?

With Guest Christine McCarthy One of the biggest things in my life that I was used to having on a daily basis was criticism. Doesn’t everyone? It was simply normal in my family, something expected. What exactly is the definition …
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How do you say No to God?

With Guests Megan Silleto & Suzanne Stauffer “What do you mean you’re going to take the job? What about your primary role as Mom? Your place is in the home!” My friend, Stan, stated accusingly at dinner, my husband, Steve, …
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Alcohol: Friend or Foe

Recently, I have discovered or should I say allowed myself to acknowledge that my body has been crying out for me to get that it truly cannot digest alcohol. The long lasting inflammation, the rash on my neck, the redness on …
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You are invited to the 100th show celebrations!

100 shows!! One hundred! My Heart and Being is overflowing with gratitude to everyone that has contributed to the Beyond Anything Radio Show so far. Oh I have an ear-full for show #100 on Voice America June 14th on my own …
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Let me hear you ROAR!

ROARrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Together we are creating magic!! We are 99 shows along what started as a revolutionary conversation of hope and possibility, to move beyond the cage of abuse and into Radical Aliveness. I wish to thank everyone for choosing to …
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