The Orgasmic Body

Pleasure? Orgasm? Joy? If you experienced childhood sexual abuse, these words may seem foreign. And they may even seem an impossibility. This is because during childhood sexual abuse, your body, energy and space are invaded. The experience can become too …
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The Revolution is Here

The revolution is here… There’s a new conversation about childhood sexual abuse. We’re breaking through the glass ceiling of what’s been done before in the world of therapy. It’s not just about surviving abuse, it’s about going beyond abuse, beyond therapy, beyond anything, and thriving… creating a limitless life where anything is …
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Coffee Talk

Sexual abuse isn’t something you talk about over coffee with friends. When you embark on a journey of healing your childhood sexual abuse, you may be tempted to talk to anyone and everyone about your experiences. This is normal: being …
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Don’t Go Into the Dark Alone

If you are currently dealing with the impact of being sexually abused as a child, I need to caution you… Don’t go into the dark alone. If you were traumatized before and go into the “dark room” again to try …
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How to Re-Parent Yourself

If you experienced sexual abuse as a child, chances are, you didn’t receive the kind of parenting you needed; the kind that would help you grow into a well-adjusted adult. As a result, it’s very common to end up neglecting yourself …
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