New Year’s Gratulations

NEW YEAR’s Resolutions GRATULATIONS Recognizing the Cage of Resolutions As New Year’s comes around, we might be asked by many, “What are your new year’s resolutions?”… which unconsciously stems from regrets.  After all, the very definition of resolution references a …
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Body Process?

 What is an Access Consciousness® Body Process? What if you know more about this than you think you know? For instance, if you’ve taken The Access Bars® class or had a Bars session, you’ve already received a body process! In …
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The 5 Elements of Intimacy

Most people go into relationship the same way we saw our parents treat each other – or do the extreme opposite of that. For me finding the 5 Elements of Intimacy through Access Consciousness has exponentialized my relationship, choices and …
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Creating from Chaos – Living from Possibilities

  By Guest Blogger Charlinda Byrd We asked the South African Access Consciousness group what they would like to explore on the show and there was an interesting balance between money, bodies, relationships, healing, trauma, abuse and business. Most people …
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Q & A with Dr Lisa

  Are you feeling restricted or limited? Or just not right? Perhaps I can be a contribution to you. This weeks show is about answering your emails and taking calls live on the show Email me on or call …
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The Art of Living with Horses

By Guest Blogger Amy Cristol Hirsch Horses are simply unlike anything else on the planet for me with their continuous contribution to my body, family, health, creative capacities, and happiness. They are in my blood. They beckon to me, whisper …
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