For the past few weeks, Dr. Lisa Cooney has been on the road for her “Live Your Roar” Tour expanding her energies to bodies in Texas, Poland, Ireland, Florida, California, Brazil, Turkey, Alaska, Canada, Mexico and India. It’s wondrous that Dr. Lisa has the opportunity to conduct classes, teach and use her gifts on a global level, all the while spreading the power of Access Consciousness on a grand scale. With each country she travels to, Dr. Lisa is building up a strong following on a global platform and living her ROAR!

Dr. Lisa Cooney is expanding her energies to over ten different cities for her “Live Your Roar” Tour, sharing her gifts and talents for teaching and class facilitation. Each city and country has greeted her with adventures, connections and friends from different parts of the world. “Live Your Roar” encompasses all the strength and healing that Dr. Lisa stands for as well as the amazing reality that presents itself after battling fear, abuse, judgement, pain and trauma. In its essence, Living Your Roar is about opening oneself up to the possibilities of a life that is right, bright and fun for you. Who wouldn’t want that for themselves?

The “Live Your Roar” Tour in began by kicking off near Dr. Lisa’s current home: Houston, Texas and then moving onto Dallas. The next stop to continue on the trip was Warsaw, Poland. This was an exciting part of the tour, as it was Dr. Lisa’s first visit teaching and facilitating classes in Poland. Warsaw’s classes were Being You With Money: The Evening Adventure and an Access 3-Day Body Class. The energy was bright, right and amazing while Dr. Lisa facilitated the Warsaw 3 Day Body Class, which had a great turnout and held a room full of lively beings. It was splendid to see the Access community from Warsaw immerse themselves in the body class.

After leaving Poland, Dr. Lisa moved onto Dublin Ireland, where she facilitated a 2-Day Embrace Your Roar Class and an Access 3 Day Body Class. All the beautiful beings who attended the classes were pleased with the results of their bodies and established a connection and felt an affinity with Dr. Lisa. Máirín from Ireland was very glad she attended:

“Being in a three day body class with Lisa was amazing. I have never felt so much space at the end of the class before. (Being aware it’s so much fun, isn’t it Lisa!!!!!!) Lisa held the space for everyone in the room and gave each one all the time they needed, with total ease and kindness while teaching all of us her art of facilitation. The amount of fun and laughter we had made it light and easy to ask questions and it was great to see people change in front of your eyes.”

For those longing to lead a life of possibilities, the Embrace Your Roar Two Day body class is a gift. Those who are struggling with abuse, trauma or being trapped with their own reality are invited to be a part of this grand program.

Next week on her tour, Dr. Lisa is on her way to the sunny, tropical, beach-side town of Boca Raton, FL (June 21th-26th) where she will be facilitating a Creating Business – Stop Refusing Money Class, an Embrace Your Roar 2 Day Class, and a 3 Day Body Class. Imagine treating your body and being able to take a getaway filled with sun, warmth and body processes. Dr. Lisa Cooney will be gifting you with her presence, laughter, wit, charm, and bubbly persona. How does it get any better than that? There are still a few spots available for these transformation classes with Dr. Lisa.

Remember to be you, beyond anything and create magic! We’ll see you soon!