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Money Magic Being the Energy of Receiving “How to Stop Blocking Your Real Capacity to Generate, Create, and Receive MASSIVE Amounts of Money…And Make It Fun, Fast, and Forever!”

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Unleash the ROAR of Money in Your Life Now… 

Money Magic
Being the Energy of Receiving 

“How to Stop Blocking Your Real Capacity to Generate, Create, and Receive MASSIVE Amounts of Money…And Make It Fun, Fast, and Forever!”

with Dr. Lisa Cooney

“With this 5-Part Home-Study Program, you’ll learn what’s stopping you from the ease and joy of creating all the money you’re capable of receiving 

– and how to break through it all –

to go BEYOND ANYTHING that’s keeping you from living your ROAR – a Radically Orgasmically Alive Reality!”

DrLisaCooneyJoin leading expert, Dr. Lisa Cooney, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, certified Access Consciousness Facilitator, Master Theta Healer, and creator of BAM – the Beyond Abuse Movement – for this content-packed at-home experience that promises to unleash a new You into the world of money and get your cash flow going!

Dear Fellow Money and Wealth Creators,

Do you have enough money?

This question may seem a little startling and blunt, even possibly painful, but when it comes to money – particularly your money – you have to get brutally honest. At least you do, if you want more.

And you do, don’t you?

Because here’s the truth…

It’s way too convenient to use money as a reason and justification for not creating what you really want…in other words, using that $100 or $200 in your bank account as proof of why you can’t do something.

For example…

You really want to sign up for that cruise but you don’t have the funds, so you stop thinking about it.

You really want to take a class but there’s not enough to for that and the bill you need to pay, so you put it on hold…”maybe next year.”

You really want to change jobs but it’s going to be awhile before you can save enough money to do that, so you keep putting up with the stress.

Change is not only hard, but it takes a lot of money to do it…or so the thinking goes.

Actually, though, the money in your bank account is not a reason. It’s not a justification.

It’s a creation.

What if I told you that those reasons and justifications for why you can’t have what you want are all lies based on the financial world created by your own limited belief systems? And that until those beliefs change, your energy of receiving won’t allow you to have more.

True as it is, it’s all about to change.

You’re about to jump into one crazy wild experience of abundance and prosperity…beyond any way, shape, or form that you’ve thought before.

During this homestudy workshop with me as your coach, I’ll help guide you to become the energy of receiving and show up as who you truly are.

You see, most people constrict and restrict their capacity to make money rather than expand and generate and create it. They create debts so that they have to make money rather than choosing beyond lack…choosing abundance.

They’re used to generating small change to simply get by rather than having a prosperity of cash money.

But what if you could create, generate, and activate a new financial reality for yourself? One rooted in what is really true for You – Truth?

Because it is Truth for you to be the celebration of money in your life and you are the starting point.

Is This Content Packed Home-Study Program right for you?
Let’s find out… 

  • Do you feel stuck with the amount of money you’re creating?
  • Do you want to make money right away?
  • Do you have a nagging feeling there’s something holding you back that’s you’re not able to put your finger on?
  • Would you like to have tons of cash showing up so you never have to go to the bank or ATM?
  • Could you use help in completely letting go and dissipating your current or past reality of money?
  • Do you want to live a different financial reality than your parents, or friends, or society’s ideas that you may have unconsciously taken on?
  • Could your life be more sustainable and nourishing, not just in money, but in other ways, as well?
  • Are you choosing from a diminishment of yourself based on limitation (and that’s currently showing up in your limited bank account)?
  • Have you ever felt you’ve lost out or you’re not getting back what you’re putting out in investment of your money or yourself?
  • Do you want to live a financial reality that lights You up and makes you ROAR?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions…this workshop is the answer.

I will show you how, at any moment, YOU have the ability to choose massive success and massive amounts of money, cash, and wealth (yes, they are different), and become the energy of receiving.

Here’s just a sample of what you can expect by listening to this powerful Home Study Product Series:

Money Magic Module #1

An exercise to expand your energy and the space you are creating from
Learn how imprinting comes to bear on your money lifestyle
A meditation exercise for planting seeds of abundance, prosperity, possibility to generate money now
Go from money deadness to money magic by shifting the energy molecules and your connection to money
Explore the difference of cash and wealth and why you want to separate them
Discover how you’re using scarcity and fear as a distraction to limit yourself

Money Magic Module #2

Explore how you’re keeping money and wealth “small” and you along with it
One question you can ask every morning that will take you out of the invisible cage, connect you to your body and the Universe, and open up a new space of possibility
A “Couples Therapy” exercise with your money
How self-abuse and money are explicably tied together
Disconnecting ways sex, money, and time can all be connected
Discover if you’re “checked-out” about money even though it’s always on your mind

Money Magic Module #3

Find the “lies” you’re buying into that block your receiving
Discover what might be keeping you in an “exchange rate” that exchanges you as ‘less than’
How to call in and be the invitation of money and cash in your life
How you may be unconsciously perpetrating victimhood that is disallowing money to flow in your direction
Discover how early money awareness begins and why that matters
How to let go of not allowing yourself to have fun making fun

Money Magic Module #4

What is the secrecy and shame of money that prevents the ease of attracting it?
How the generosity of spirit in you or your parents can get twisted into something ‘bad’ for you
Why money is a ‘stubborn’ issue and ways to clear it
How ‘encapsulation’ is created around money and how that prevents you from full awareness and receiving
Find out the one reason you don’t have the money to create and generate the life you’d like to have
Learn why ‘tenacity of consciousness’ is critical for being the energy of receiving

Money Magic Module #5

Find out what limited financial realities you’re living and clear them from blocking you
Discover your ‘stability points’ and how their lies define the parameters of your entire reality
Explore your ‘stability point’ about money
Learn how to reconnect to joy with money
Discover what’s possible with money that you hadn’t even considered before
Learn what it means to ‘out create’ everything with total ease

What’s the value of a fantastical product like this?

Well, it depends on a few things…for example,

How much $$$ you’re missing out on by carrying around the belief systems that are currently creating your financial world.
Or how much and how fast you want to change it.
Or if you want to know that – no matter what is going on – you will always receive?

Money Magic
Being the Energy of Receiving 

A 5 Part Home-Study Course

“Yes, I’m ready to make money now!”

When I purchase the 5-Part Money Magic
Home-Study Course
I Will Receive:

  • 5 Audio Recordings, each recording over 60 minutes long, facilitated personally by Dr. Lisa Cooney – with hundreds of clearing statements to unblock your vast potential of receiving
  • MP3s of all Clearing Loops, listen to them over and over for maximum integration and cellular activation 
  • PDF of all Clearing Loops, in visual format to deepen the process as well as to read them for more convenience

This is a Risk-Free Offer! How Does It Get Any Better Than That?

What if you could have a ‘money explosion’…just because you choose it? 

You can when you join me for this revolutionary homestudy program – guaranteed to revolutionize and rock your financial world!

Here are some testimonials from past clients and workshop attendees:

“Not only have I tripled my personal income, Dr. Lisa has helped me grow into a more effective leader, with clearer focus and a level of confidence I have never before experienced!”

“Never have I seen somebody cut to the chase and get right to the core of people’s issues in such a short space of time.” 

“Your facilitation gave me an understanding of what it means to choose that I had never known before.” 

“I’ve been able to change my life from a restricted and lonely one to a vibrant and boundless one on many levels.” 

“There is a lightness in my world and in my body that I had always hoped for and often doubted I could truly achieve. And best yet, it is not temporary or fleeting. This change is lasting and continuing to expand.” 

“[Money] started generating for me like crazy…” 

“Dr. Lisa told us our income would increase and she was right…This is when I became even more conscious of the energy that floats around and conspires to bless us.”

My gift to you is to discover what else is possible for you and what grand, glorious bundles of cash await you – at an affordable price. 

And I’m offering it at no risk to you – If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with Money Magic, just let me know within 30 days and I’ll give a full refund! No questions asked.

How much more money, love, nurturing, kindness, caring, intelligence and possibility can you receive right now?

And what’s beyond that?

And beyond that?

To Your ROAR!


Dr. Lisa Cooney

P.S. If you can imagine yourself living, having, breathing, perceiving, knowing, doing, being, creating, and generating all that you love to create.

Dr Lisa Cooney, MFT
Ph: 415-377-6777
Life Empowerment Institute, San Rafael, California 94901


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