Living Beyond the Continuous Suffering of Abuse


Unfortunately, it’s next to impossible to change what you don’t know…or what remains ‘unsighted’…unseen. The truth is, there’s something about the vitality of that abuse that keeps you stuck in the abuse. It’s as though there’s a cap on how much healing…how much growth…how much doing…and how much changing you can have or be. And it’s this vitality of the abuse that keeps you thinking about it even when you’re not thinking about it…Silently in the background…always alwaysrunning your life. But there’s a key that unlocks this pattern.

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What if…you could let go of your fear of not knowing…and simply know?

 The Blockbuster Follow-Up Course to

Beyond the Continuous Suffering of Abuse!

Living Beyond the Continuous Suffering of Abuse:

Unleash 100% of Your Power

A 5-Week Homeplay Workshop

 “How to Step Out of the Cage of Abuse and Allow the Energy and Wisdom of Your Body to Tell You Exactly What to Choose for You Now

with Dr. Lisa Cooney

“In this 5-week Homeplay Workshop, I’m going to show you how to receive and perceive the truth you already know  – moment by moment – so you can expand every area of your life holistically…and start generating and creating from 100% of your own energy.”

Let internationally known expert, Dr. Lisa Cooney – licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, certified Access Consciousness Facilitator, Master Theta Healer, and creator of Live Your ROAR! Be You! Beyond Anything! Creating Magic!take you beyond the experience of living in the continuous suffering of abuse and into the ROAR of your life!

Dear Fellow Conscious Healers,

What if you had the power and potency to know that you can change the effects of your abusive past…

And that you don’t have to ‘become’ that story of abuse? Or live it one day longer?

If that sounds exciting to you, then I have to ask you this – What are making so vital about the abuse that it limits and constricts you in what you can generate and create in your life? Because somewhere in your being – however unconsciously – that’s what you’re doing…And you just don’t know it. Unfortunately, it’s next to impossible to change what you don’t know…or what remains ‘unsighted’…unseen. The truth is, there’s something about the vitality of that abuse that keeps you stuck in the abuse. It’s as though there’s a cap on how much healing…how much growth…how much doing…and how much changing you can have or be. And it’s this vitality of the abuse that keeps you thinking about it even when you’re not thinking about it…Silently in the background…always alwaysrunning your life. But there’s a key that unlocks this pattern.

In this 5-week Homeplay Workshop, I’m going to make it really exciting for you to look at what’s not working for you – to discover your yes’ and no’s – using your body – so you can leapfrog beyond living in the continuous suffering of abuse.

You see, here’s the problem…

Unresolved abuse issues – whether sexual, emotional, physical, mental, financial, or spiritual – get stuck inside the cellular memory of your body. What’s happened is these experiences have gotten lost. But your body remembers everything and continues to relive these memories as if you were living it today…And, in effect, you’re left blinded to certain things. The opposite of all this is being connected to your body…Being aware….And having complete access to your intuition in every moment – that sense of knowing – so you can:

  • Receive the energy
  • Trust the energy
  • Act on it

How can you cross the bridge into this communion-like energy available to you through your body?

Here’s what I know for sure after 25+ years of helping thousands of people live beyond their abuse…including myself –In order to live beyond abuse you literally have to have your body involved. It can’t just be from your mind. And that’s exactly what you’re going to learn to do here.

Can you benefit from this 6-Week Homeplay Workshop?

Let’s look…does any of this sound familiar?

  • You have abuse in your past of any kind – sexual, physical, financial, emotional, mental, spiritual
  • You have experienced fear related to trauma, accidents, surgery or death
  • You continually have experiences that catch you off guard
  • You have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms
  • You feel limited and constricted around what you can be, do or have
  • You sense there’s ‘more’ but feel stuck in a rut
  • You often find yourself saying, “I’m sorry” and feel caught in the slippery slope of victimhood
  • You don’t feel comfortable expressing your yes’s and no’s (or you don’t know them)
  • You feel awkward with people
  • You feel confused about what you know and afraid of what you don’t know
  • You feel like you’re carrying a secret
  • You have pain, anxiety, terror, or panic
  • You feel dazed, worried, confused, heavy, or out of control in some area of your life – bank account, relationships, job, or body
  • You have chronic dis-ease and pain in some part of your body
  • You experience shame, guilt or rage
  • You numb out or escape in some way through drinking, smoking, drugs, shopping, or eating
  • You shut down communication or isolate yourself from others
  • You have a hard time trusting others…or yourself fully
  • You aren’t making the money you know you could be
  • You try to figure things out in your head as a way to generate and create
  • You ‘compartmentalize’ everything in your life
  • You take on more responsibility in relationships than you should
  • You can’t imagine being able to stop the pattern
  • You are (or suspect you are) a healer

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions…and want to make dealing with everything easier and safer so you can finally live beyond the continuous suffering of abuse – this Homeplay Workshop will help you.

In this Homeplay Workshop, I walk you through deeper aspects of abuse you may not be aware of and, most of all, give you something critical to your success – permission to be happy and the tools to do it.

Imagine…All the secrets no longer secret. All the manipulations no longer have your power. All the threats and all the guilt no longer weaken you through limitation. All the hiding…the lost innocence…And all the not knowing of…

  • what’s right and wrong
  • what really happened
  • what’s yours and not yours
  • whose body is what
  • what you’re feeling
  • what you’re doing
  • your own boundaries

Simply gone.

What would be possible for you now?

These calls are about revolutionizing every way in which you know how to receive and perceive energy. Here’s just a small sample of what you can expect by listening to this powerful Homeplay Workshop and all the ‘Clearing Statements’:

Call #1

  • One key to living beyond the continuous suffering of abuse
  • How a simple question can start the journey to beyond abuse
  • How to know in your body when something’s not working
  • Acknowledgement vs dissociation
  • How your eyesight can be affected by abuse
  • Feelings and your point of view
  • How to stop the insanity of abuse

Call #2 

  • How much do you have to share about your story?
  • Rage as a capacity of your potency and power
  • Energies of entities and demons
  • Why you’re using only 10% of your power
  • The importance of paying attention to what you don’t know
  • Contra-indications of abuse and PTSD
  • What is somatic release and why you need it

Call #3

  • How abuse seeps into our relationships with money, our bodies and other people
  • Why the one-choice option keeps us in the cage of abuse
  • The 4 D’s of abuse that make up the cage
  • How continued degradation over time can become sickness and disease
  • What is the ‘poor-me’ syndrome
  • How bloating and excess weight are related to abuse
  • What is the bridge to getting out of the cage of abuse

Call #4 

  • What’s the ‘space’ is that you’re looking for
  • Messages your body may be trying to tell you
  • How you have to handle and dissipate trauma
  • How judgement locks you in
  • What is the moment you have to ‘get big’
  • The age you’re ‘frozen’ at and how it affects you today
  • How to become present to yourself and others

Call #5

  • What is compression and how we use with time and money
  • How your ‘story’ can change your whole form and structure
  • What are stability points and are they good or bad
  • Are you hard to ‘touch’ energetically
  • What you are doing that automatically locks you in the cage of abuse
  • Can you trust the awareness you receive
  • What you’re being called to do and what it has to do with the planet

And, remember…

Because the imprint of abuse lives in the nooks and crannies of your body, you’ll be receiving clearing statements, along with exercises and home plays, to lift all that up and blast it out of existence. And you’ll get the energy – and benefit – of the clearing statements woven throughout this course while listening to this Home Workshop in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Each time you listen to the clearing statements you’ll release more and more. You’ll even get a separate MP3 and PDF of them, allowing you to hear them as many times as you want…or take them with you to read. By the way, if you’re not familiar with clearing statements, my favorite way to explain them is they sound like this really funny, wacky, weird statement – like I’m speaking mandarin…

But they really work: 

  • to generate and create
  • to change the cellular functioning from within
  • to have the freedom to choose differently
  • to experience more possibility
  • to have more expansion
  • to externalize and actualize a new and ROARing reality!

You’ll want to listen to them until the energy changes – although there’s no amount of cognitive skills I can give you to know when it changes. It’s an energy thing to know when that happens. And that’s the whole point and discovery of this course…To help you…so that you do know.

“Yes, I’m ready to start living beyond the continuous suffering of abuse!”

When I purchase the 5-Week Homeplay Workshop, I Will Receive:

  • 5 Audio Recordings, each recording approximately 90 minutes long, facilitated personally by Dr. Lisa Cooney – with hundreds of clearing statements
  • MP3s of all Clearing Loops, listen to them over and over for maximum integration and cellular activation
  •  PDF of all Clearing Loops, in visual format to deepen the process as well as to read them for more convenience

And don’t forget…

This 5-week Home Workshop has no risk to you and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you’re dissatisfied, simply contact my office and we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

How does it get any better than that?

Here are some testimonials straight out of this workshop:

 “I have had so many breakthroughs in the last two or three weeks!”

 “I’m noticing that my vision is clearer and I don’t have in the blurry, weird spot in the center that I’ve  had for a while. Wow!”

 “I feel almost like I’m floating and I feel freedom. I feel like I’ve just been let out of jail, basically.”

 “This is just amazing because my whole body is feeling so light, so completely different.”

 “Until now, I was seeing it as, not a ‘wrongness,’ but as something that I needed to try and fix or  whatever. And now…the way that you just shared it…I actually see it as a more like “Wow!” I can hear  the 500% and what’s beyond this now. Thank you…My life’s been changed.

  “Before you started, my body was totally hunched over as I was talking to you and now it’s straight and  relaxed. Way more expansive.”

“Wow! It still feels like there’s energy leaving. It’s like heat waves coming off a hot sidewalk or hot  road…moving off me in waves. I feel so much lighter.”

“Never have I seen somebody cut to the chase and get right to the core of people’s issues in such a short  space of time.”

 That was amazingly helpful, I can’t tell you what was going through my body doing that and still is.  Wow! Thank you!”

And that’s not all…

 “The home plays and the clearing loops that you made for us are just so amazing. There’s just so  much meat in there and they’ve really wowed me, so thank you.”

  “Oh my gosh…thank you so much for this class! It’s been so amazing and has just changed me so  much!”

 “Your facilitation gave me an understanding of what it means to choose that I had never known  before.”

 “I’ve been able to change my life from a restricted and lonely one to a vibrant and boundless one on  many levels.”

 “Oh my gosh! I’m just so grateful, I’ve been tearing from the happiness. Thank you, thank you, thank  you!”

 “There is a lightness in my world and in my body that I had always hoped for and often doubted I  could truly achieve. And best yet, it is not temporary or fleeting. This change is lasting and continuing  to expand.”

 “I’m coming from a different place and creating is becoming so fantastic and shocking and  easy and fun. I have this receiving dance now. And it’s really cool.”

 “A lot of facilitators don’t go for the exact answer, the specifics. They go for just a general question and  clear the energy of that. I’ve seen a huge difference in the way you facilitate because you get  these answers.”

 “Through working with Lisa I have grown in ways I could not have imagined. I cleared out more  stuff than I have in years of meditation, group work, and therapy. There is only one word for  this process: LOVE.

 “[Money] started generating for me like crazy…”

 “This experience has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. I have learned that I am a  deserving woman and that I am powerful. I am so unbelievably thankful to Lisa for seeing in me  what I had never seen in myself and for believing in my ability to heal and become my true  self.

 “Prior to this work, I did not have a significant and loving relationship in my life. Nothing ever lasted or  worked. Now I know what I’m looking for in a partner and for the first time in my life  have attracted someone fun, caring, loving, and respectful.

 “Working with Lisa cut straight through the layers of denial, resistance, and frustration that I  had effectively built up over 20 years of Corporate life! If you feel like you are not living to your  fullest potential, that there is so much more you are meant to create in your life, yet you feel like  you’re moving in “slow motion,” get on a fast track and work with Lisa!

So…Are you ready play a little bit? Bring some lightness to this heaviness?

I know that with my own history of abuse – which I talk about on these calls – I required a significant amount of support – and I’m very grateful for it. So I know all about the kind of effort it takes to heal…To make sure that you’re living in your potency…Living in your brilliance. Most of all, though, I know it’s possible for You to know the happiness that rests inside you.

To Your ROAR!

Dr. Lisa Cooney


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