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Learn Everything You Need to Facilitate Core Healing for Your Clients – Completely – in Rapid Time…Design Compelling Client Packages that Sell More of Your Services and Generate Bigger Paydays…and Know Exactly What to Say to Potential Clients for Them to Choose YOU.

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Learn Everything You Need to Facilitate Core Healing for Your Clients – Completely – in Rapid Time…Design Compelling Client Packages that Sell More of Your Services and Generate Bigger Paydays…and Know Exactly What to Say to Potential Clients for Them to Choose YOU.

Take your clients where no one has ever taken them before…and let your business soar with them!

The Art of Fantastical Facilitation: Healing the Unhealable

A 9-Week Home Workshop”How Would Your Life Change If You Got Your Business Rocking and Your Personal Facilitation Shocking (and Amazing!)?”


“In this dynamic 9-Week Home Workshop, you will take your healing energies – and your healing practice – to an entirely new level of being, stepping fully into your true magical self to show up as the powerful space of healing you already are!”

Join international expert Dr. Lisa Cooney,  licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Master Theta Healer, certified Access Consciousness Facilitator, and creator of Live Your ROAR! Be You! Beyond Anything! Creating Magic!, in this content-packed workshop that promises to generate a new and exciting possibility for you – both with your clients and and with your business!

Dear Fellow Healing Practitioner & Brilliant Entrepreneur, 

Imagine the power you would have if, like Harry Potter, you were given a 2-way mirror, similar to the one he used to call for help to rescue himself and his friends.

What would you do with such an extraordinary power?

Would you be able to help bring healing awareness to more people?

Would it impact your business and your ability to receive more clients?

Would it allow you to actualize more money flowing into your bank account?

What if I offered that power to you…without the mirror?

In this 9-Week Workshop, I will help you cultivate and empower your own “special secret sauce” – those gifts, intuitions and capacities that are uniquely yours and which, when you bring them to the table, not only can heal the unhealable, but make you and your practice irresistible to clients. 

Let me explain…

Years ago when I was getting my first counseling license, we used a 2-way mirror so my supervisor could watch me work with clients (with their consent, of course). Every 15 minutes in the session, she’d tap on the window for a quick pow-wow to conceptualize with me: Where was I going with the client? What I was doing? What did I notice? And what did I also notice about the client that was in the room?

Through this process, I learned to be physically, emotionally, intuitively, and energetically in the room. It cultivated a different level of positive presence, intuitive presence, and empowering presence than I could have ever received otherwise. And I vowed that one day, I’d share this gift with others. As a healer, these are the essences that allow you to really pay attention to the nuances going on with your client…and yourself. It’s all a part of being the energy of healing…and showing up with your special secret sauce, your gifts, your intuitions, your capacities, what you know… And, the truth is, you know more than you think you know. So what do you need to come forward?

I believe the best facilitators are the ones who can, in collaboration with you, support you in bringing it all into your practice so you can pass that on to the world.

This is the energy behind the Art of Fantastical Facilitation. 

 In this 9-week workshop, we’ll cover both the healing side and the business side – essentially, a “1-stop shop.” Along with learning and expanding your consciousness for what’s possible, you’ll gain the pragmatics for growing your practice, too.
For example…here are some of the things you’ll learn:
  • Know and follow the energy of where you need to go when assisting a client
  • Get a laser focus on what needs to be done – the key issue in a session for your client – really fast
  • Proper questions you need to ask
  • Know what to give them that will really contribute to your clients
  • Have more ease with your own awareness
  • Have certainty that what you’re doing is right
  • Let go of expectations about the results
  • Learn how to “be” the space, rather than contorting yourself into your client’s universe, so you’re able to seen it and offer energy and invitation
  • Have your sessions be effective in the minimum amount of time
  • Know that you can facilitate immediate change
  • Create and develop a team
  • Position and communicate who you really are to your potential clients
  • Be comfortable and congruent with the fees you charge (no matter the amount)
  • Avoid the competition and create your own financial reality
  • Offer membership fees (and when to use it)
  • Keep your clients growing financially with you
  • Take care of marketing and sales
  • Find your platform
  • Sell yourself to different kinds of clients (and close the sale)
  • Create a format for your workshops and packages


Can you imagine how it would feel to be accomplish all this? To be contributed to and supported in all these ways?

As a healer – most especially as a healer – you need to allow yourself to receive that.

Can this 9-Week Workshop make the difference for you? Yes, it will if…


  • You wonder if you know the right question to ask
  • You don’t always trust yourself
  • You can’t find the key issue
  • You’re unaware of your own knowing
  • You have too many expectations for yourself and your clients
  • You’re not sure you can “be” the space
  • You worry it’s taking too long with a client
  • You sometimes feel like a crisis counselor
  • You’re not sure what will contribute to your client
  • You’ve been a practitioner for a while but not yet on your own as solo practitioner
  • You get distracted by less important issues (but not the real issue)
  • You feel like you’re on a roller coaster with your client’s story
  • You feel choked when it comes time to tell people how much your fee is
  • You want to know the quickest, easiest, most laser-like way to get your clients working for you to guide them what they always know to be true
  • You’re committed to never giving up, never giving in, and never abandoning what’s fun and easy for you
  • You want to bring a new possibility to the planet by evoking the brilliant, phenominal magic that lives inside you and live abundantly at the same time
  • You’re ready to allow yourself to let go of everything you’ve believed facilitation “is,” a practitioner “is,” a clinician “is,” and any judgments of yourself as that

One of the most powerful things you can do is discover what part of you is actually running your session – “Who’s showing up?” – and throughout these 9 weeks, you will discover the answer to that question.

Did you know that clients come to you because they’re hiding in some way? They’re in your office because they want to be there and they need you as a facilitator to get more potent…more demanding…Yes, demanding…in the kindest and most nurturing way. So how can you get them to present their whole self? That’s a good question. Because how can you call them – all of them – out of hiding if you’re hiding any part of you? When you join them in hiding, who’s showing up in the session? Exactly…This is why – if you want to truly offer healing to your clients and create a thriving practice – you must bring your full presence and play full out.

Remember, the most important thing you can do is bring your client to the present and, when you do, you’ll have clients searching for YOU..And that’s what this 9- Week Home Workshop is all about:

Call #1: Some of the things you’ll learn:

  • What energy, space and consciousness can you and your body be?
  • What you are doing 99.9% of the time with your client
  • How to change the perception of yourself as a facilitator
  • A technique for when a client shuts down or won’t answer
  • A process for learning to guide them to what they know
  • What you absolutely must do before coming into any session
  • When or when not to share a personal story

Call #2: Some of the things you’ll learn:

  • Exercises you can use any time you are blocked or limited with anything in your facilitation, business or personally
  • Facilitating your clients to see the 1 shift or difference
  • What is a causal incarceration and why every client will do that with you
  • What to do when you see something before your client is aware of it
  • What happens when a big pattern begins to break away and why you have to prepare your clients for it
  • Why you’re not looking for the “answer” from your client and what you are actually looking for
  • When not to use a Clearing Statement

Call #3: Some of the things you’ll learn:

  • Being potent enough to say what you desire and then receive it
  • What to do if you’re afraid of big workshops and classes
  • Why you’re not trying to get your client to “understand” anything
  • Why it’s ok for your clients to “judge” you
  • Why you don’t have to “get through” to people
  • How to invite your entire class/workshop into existence
  • Questions to ask yourself before you hold any class or session
  • What to do if a client goes into an abreaction from earlier trauma

Call #4: Some of the things you’ll learn:

  • How lock-down can be disguised as letting go and the difference between them
  • What to do if you’re hesitant about using your full potency and capacities that stop you from being you
  • The #1 reason why you don’t have enough or any clients or money
  • What you do when forward movement happens so easily it scares you
  • What’s the most important lesson a mother can give her child that you also need to
  • What is really happening when things get challenging and harder (and you think somethings wrong) and how to deal with it

Call #5: Some of the things you’ll learn:

  • What if you want to make a change in your practice but feel you cant
  • Ways your own issues prevent you from bringing healing to your client
  • How to use a consent form to set everything up
  • What is the goal in facilitating someone in victim consciousness
  • What to do when a client doesn’t choose change
  • What is the real core that must end with your client
  • How do you know when your client shifts energy to their head

Call #6: Some of the things you’ll learn:

  • How to change boundaries with your clients and how your clients benefit from it
  • What to do if you have a full practice but don’t want to “stop the energy”
  • What to do if you have a conflict asking for the money you know you want to charge
  • An exercise to stretch beyond anything you could ever charge and begin to move your fees
  • An exercise for choosing something different for yourself and how to actualize it
  • How to draw on the energy of actualization, generation and creation to create a full practice

Call #7: Some of the things you’ll learn:

  • Where is the fine line between when a client needs to tell their story and when not to get into it
  • What is the “strong talk stand” and when to use it
  • What to do when you ask a question and how lies become truth
  • Validating yourself and getting beyond “textbook” information to allow yourself to know what you know
  • Why you must harness the energy of your body to support higher fees
  • How to stop competing with others and create your own financial reality
  • Why you need tiers or stages in growing your practice or your fees

Call #8: Some of the things you’ll learn:

  • Questions to ask yourself as the catalyst for your business
  • How to develop a team to support you in your business
  • What you can do to not over-commit too soon in hiring people
  • Getting to the nitty-gritties of finances and money with your team
  • Why you should avoid trades
  • What do you say to generate business if you offer multiple healing “or play outside the box”
  • How do you explain yourself to potential clients and what you do
  • What do you when boundaries get blurred and you leave the session feeling drained

Call #9: Some of the things you’ll learn:

  • How do you raise prices so it’s digestible for you and your clients
  • Should you make exceptions with some clients
  • What is a “membership fee” and when do you use it
  • Treating your clients as the “wealth of your being”
  • How to keep your clients growing financially with you over time
  • How to get clear with whatever you charge so you have no need to explain it
  • What is the “soul print” you bring to your business
  • How to bring the “joie de vivre” back into your tasks to do what you need to generate and build your business
  • Feelings that come when you step into your infinite power as a fantastical facilitator


What can you expect from this 9-Week Workshop?

One thing I can promise you…

You will not be the same facilitator you were before you started.

You will be like a clean slate with the tools to bring all your magical healing presence to your clients’ benefit and to your own benefit in a way that feels fun and light for you.

What would it be like to feel so confident that no matter who you were with, you had something to offer them?

That you could be a contribution and charge the fees you really want to charge at the same time?

And, all the while, enjoy yourself and the tasks at hand more than you ever thought possible?

In this 9-Week Workshop, you’ll receive pragmatic tools,
exercises and Clearing Statements that will allow you to
engage your magic and be the energy of healing…while
building a substantial and prospering practice.

But that’s not all…

When you sign up today, you’ll receive a BONUS offer of 3 additional weeks – 12
weeks in total! These additional MP3’s will cover things like:

  • Marketing and Sales
  • From Part-Time to Full-time
  • Building Your Platform
  • Setting Up the Framework for Any Kind of Podcast
  • Creating a Format for Your Workshop or Packages
  • Focusing and Dedicating the Time for Your Business (No matter what)
  • Discounting vs Gifting – Why and Why Not
  • Closing the Sales
  • Have your sessions be effective in the minimum amount of time
  • What to Do If Nobody Shows Up

What could all this possibly be worth?


The Art of Fantastical Facilitation:

Healing the Unhealable

A 9-Week Home Workshop

“Yes, I’m ready to make the shift now!”

When I purchase the 9-Week

Art of Fantastical Facilitation Workshop,


I Will Receive:

  • 9 MP3 Recordings, 90-minutes long, facilitated by Dr. Lisa Cooney
  • 9 MP3s of all Clearing Loops, each 30-minutes in length, listen to them over and over for maximum integration and cellular activation
  • 9 PDFs of all Clearing Loops, in visual format to deepen the process for yourself or with your clients, as well as to read them for more convenience
  • Scripts for knowing what to say to captivate and engage your potential client
  • Exercises and Tools you can implement immediately!

Plus A Bonus Offer

3 Additional Weeks (A $397 Value)

Specifically Designed to Rock Your Business!

  • 3 Additional 90-Minute MP3 Recordings
  • 3 MP3s of 30-Minute Clearing Loops
  • 3 PDFs of all Clearing Loops


12 Weeks for Only $997


Are you ready to access the talents, abilities, power and
capacities you truly are while generating a new business
and income level for you as a healer?


Because there’s one more thing I want to add…

I’m offering this incredible workshop at no risk to you with a 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you’re dissatisfied, simply contact my office and we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

How does it get any better than that?

Take a look at what other workshop attendees have to say:


“The first month has been amazing…lots of clients from morning till evening,
courses, classes, like a tsunami of work and joy, and even glory beyond

“I love facilitating and it’s something that I see myself doing, but up to this point I
haven’t had the confidence that I would like to have. After the call that you had
last week I was like, ‘Wow, I can do this!’”

“Sometimes when I’m facilitating I don’t allow myself to touch into the person’s
energy. It’s given me a freedom to see that you do that with everybody you
facilitate with. You tap into their energy and facilitate from that place.

“I wasn’t on the [live] call last week, but I listened to the replay. It is exactly what
I wanted out of this series.

“A lot of facilitators don’t go for the exact answer, the specifics. They go for just a
general question and clear the energy of that. I’ve seen a huge difference in the
way you facilitate because you get these answers.

“After hearing Dr. Lisa, I set up some VIP sessions that I thought nobody would
ever, ever choose. I set up both 5 sessions and 10 sessions as VIP sessions and
it was really interesting. Pretty much everybody who chose the 5 sessions
signed up for another 5, so it was very cool.”

“Oh my gosh…thank you so much for this class! It’s been so amazing and has
just changed me so much!

“I was so thrilled listening to the replay last week and downloaded it right away. I
want to get that I can do this, that I really, really can really do this – really
facilitate and live my life out as I choose, as much as I desire and require.

“I have something to celebrate which is all part of my shift. I signed a lease
yesterday for my new space for my work and that’s the first time I’ve rented
space to do it. I’ve always done it out of my home until being on this call and
doing some of the home play practice with friends.”

“Not only have I tripled my personal income, Dr. Lisa has helped me grow into
a more effective leader, with clearer focus and a level of confidence I have
never before experienced!”

“Your facilitation gave me an understanding of what it means to choose that I
had never known before.”

“I have a success story. I recently moved and I set up a meetup group. In the
first week I had over 40 people join the group. Now I’ve got over 50 going on
60, and people are just really excited about taking classes…

“Dr. Lisa stretches me far beyond my comfort zone and I love it.”

“The home plays and the clearing loops that you made for us are just so
amazing. There’s just so much meat in there and they’ve really wowed me,
so thank you.”

“Oh my gosh! I’m just so grateful, I’ve been tearing from the happiness. Thank
you, thank you, thank you!”

“Never have I seen somebody cut to the chase and get right to the core of
people’s issues in such a short space of time.”

“I’m coming from a different place and creating is becoming so fantastic
and shocking and easy and fun. I have this receiving dance now. And it’s
really cool.”

“I created a great mailing list from the day and had the best time. The day went
by so quickly, I loved it. I realize it’s all from things that happened on this tele-
series – [the] questions…and home plays that I’ve been doing…and
awareness that I’ve been getting. It’s just simply amazing. I want to thank you.
This whole group has been great and I want to acknowledge it.”

“[Money] started generating for me like crazy…”

“Since the conversation we had about it, somebody has come into my life who is
really dynamic with marketing.

“This weekend I had a wonderful class. I would like to thank you from the bottom
of my heart. The Art of Fantastical Facilitation has really gotten me to the
point where I did find the difference in the way I created the class. I felt the 
difference! People in the class were praising me – they were so happy by the
time they left they were completely different.


So…are you ready to get yourself out of the way and let go
of everything you “thought” you were…or should be
doing… in order to shift to a higher order of being and
business – and all that you truly are?


When you tap into the power of who you are and the power of your client’s access
points to be the energy of healing itself, everything changes.

As all your barriers and limitations dissipate, you will become the kind of facilitator who
can take your clients where no one has taken them before.

They will not only love you for it…

They will reward you for it!

To Your ROAR!


    Dr. Lisa Cooney

P.S. Remember, you’ll receive a free BONUS gift – an additional 3 weeks of The Art of
Fantastical Facilitation Workshop valued at $397 – when you invest in yourself
today…all at no risk to you. Take advantage of this special price offer now and let
yourself ROAR to life with your clients! 

Dr. Lisa Cooney, MFT
Ph: 817-716-5495
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